Let's destroy the phrase "pop-punk" together.


Hi, my name is Doug Dean.

I am an Art Director and Designer from Pittsburgh, PA. I do album art, like Anti-Flag's American Spring. I'd like to design Green Day's 12th album, slated to be released fall 2016.

Larry Livermore, founder of Lookout Records, gave me an idea to get noticed...do something on social media, and maybe the fans and ultimately the band will see it.

So I'm doing this thing called #30GreenDays. If you are a fan of Green Day and a fan of this art, please share the project. Like, retweet, repost. Everything helps.

Billie Joe said he was going to destroy the phrase "pop-punk" forever. I think smart branding will be an essential part. I have plenty of experience creating disruptive brands...festivals with 40 ft tall rubber ducks, The Mob Museum in Las Vegasforging a new market for Indian dining. I even won a Best in Show advertising award using nothing more than duct tape and a street team.

If you'd like me to do artwork for your album, let's talk. Especially if your name is Billie Joe.

Much love.